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Movein Limited Privacy Policy


Movein respects and protects the personal privacy of all users using Movein Platform Services. When you use the services provided by Movein, we will collect, use, share and protect your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as "this Privacy Policy"). This Privacy Policy contains our policies for the collection, storage, use, sharing and protection of your personal information. We hope that this Privacy Policy will provide you with a clear understanding of how we access, update, control and protect your personal information. Therefore, please read this Privacy Policy in full before proceeding further. If you do not agree with anything in this Privacy Policy, you should immediately cease using Movein Platform Services. By using any of the services provided by Movein Platform, you are deemed to have agreed to our using and protecting your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.




“Associated Party” means the operator of Movein Platform and collectively and/or respectively the other companies associated with Movein.

“Movein” means Movein Limited, together with associated entities, and Movein Platform.

 “Movein Platform” means the Movein Website and Movein mobile application operated by Movein.

“Movein Platform Services” or “Services” mean the services provided by Movein on the Movein Platform.

“Movein Terms and Conditions of Use” means the terms and conditions of use published by Movein on the Movein Platform and amended from time to time.

“Movein Website” means the website with the domain name

“User” includes registered users and unregistered users, also referred to hereinafter as “you”. Registered users are users who have completed the registration process through Movein Platform and obtained a unique log on account; unregistered users are users who use Movein Platform Services without registration, but access Movein Platform directly or through other websites.


Scope of application


Movein strives to provide better, higher quality and more personalised services to its Users. It is our hope that our Services makes life easier for you. This Privacy Policy applies to all Services provided by Movein, and to your usage of the Services provided by Movein Platform via the Movein Website or via client log in.

 It should be made clear that this Privacy Policy does not apply to services provided to you by third parties. For example, where you come across a third party service provider on Movein Platform and enter into transaction with such third party, personal information that you provide to such third party is not subject to this Privacy Policy.

Collection of Information


We may collect, store and use the following information about you when providing the Services. If you do not provide relevant information, you may not be able to register as user, or enjoy some of our Services, or achieve the desired effect of the relevant Services:

1. Information that you provide to us. Information submitted when you register a user account with Movein and/or use the Services, including but not limited to your phone number, user name, address and contact information.

2. Information collected during your use of the Services. To provide and optimize the Services to you, we will collect information about your use of the Services, this information includes:

a)When you use Movein Platform Services, or when you visit Movein Platform web page, Movein automatically receives and records information from your browser and computer, including but not limited to your IP address, your actual location, type of browser, user language, date and time of visit, hardware and software features, and records of the web pages you have browsed. When you download or use client-side software by Movein or its  associated  companies,  or  use  Movein  Platform  Services  via  the  mobile  web page, Movein may collect data on your location and mobile device, including but not limited to mobile device model, identification code, operating system, resolution,  telecom operator, etc.

b) Please do not voluntarily provide Movein with your personal sensitive information (such as ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, personal health and medical information, sexual orientation, etc.) when you use Movein Platform Service, or when visiting Movein Platform web page. Otherwise, Movein may unintentionally collect such information.

c) When you use specialized services provided by Movein Platform, we will collect other necessary information from you according to the requirements of the special service. We will collect information in strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations. You shall ensure the authenticity of the identity information you submit, otherwise Movein may refuse to provide relevant services to you.

d)In addition to the above information, we may collect other information from you for the purpose of providing Services and improving the service quality. This may include any information you provide to us when contacting our customer service team, or your responses to any questionnaire survey you participate in, and the information we collect when you interact with Movein associated entities and Movein third party partners. At the same time, in order to improve the security of Movein Platform Services, and better prevent phishing fraud and trojan viruses, we may assess the risk attached your account by gathering information on your network usage habits and software commonly used by you, and we may record URLs that we consider to be at risk.

3. Information from third parties. In order to provide you with better and more personalised Services, or to provide Services for you together, or for the purpose of preventing internet fraud:

a)Movein may request, collect, publish and use all property information (including text,images or other forms) from third parties (including but not limited to official sources such as Auckland Council, or unofficial sources such as Trademe Property).

b) The associated entities and third party partners of Movein will share your personal information with Movein, subject to the relevant laws, your agreement or your consent.

You acknowledge and agree that this Privacy Policy does not apply to the following information:

1. Keywords that you enter when searching for a service within Movein Platform;

2. Prior to your selecting the "anonymous review" function, any data, including but not limited to user name, product name and review details, collected by Movein about your review on Movein Platform;

3. Credit review, conduct that is unlawful or in breach of Movein rules, and actions taken against you by Movein;

4. Business registration information in the public domain, including the company name and identity of and information related to the natural persons operating the company.

You acknowledge and agree that Movein may work with third parties to provide relevant network services to Users. In this case, if the associated entity under Movein has signed an appropriate confidentiality agreement with the third party, then Movein has the right to share User's registration and other information with the third party, subject to the third party using such information in accordance with our Privacy Policy and any other relevant confidentiality and security measures. In addition, provided the private information of individual Users are not disclosed, Movein has the right to analyse the entire User database and make commercial use of the User database. Movein may keep statistics on network services usage. At the same time, Movein may share these statistics with the public to show the overall usage trend of our Services. These statistics will not contain any identifying information about you.


The purpose and manner in which information is used

 The purpose of collecting your information is to provide you with Services and also to improve the quality of the Services we provide. We will therefore use your information in the following ways:

1. To provide you with the Services you use, and maintain and improve these Services.

2. We may use the contact information in your personal information to communicate with you. For example, to notify you about your account, security updates, product and service information. In order to provide better services for you, please check the messages sent by Movein in a timely manner.

3. To recommend to you contents that might interest you, including but not limited to personalized third party promotional information displayed to you through the system, or share information with Movein partners under this Privacy Policy so that they can send you information about their products and services. If you are not interested in the content we recommend, please reply to the cancellation notice in a timely manner.

4. We may use your personal information to prevent, detect, or investigate fraud, security hazards, unlawful activity or breach of agreements, policies or Rules with Movein or our associated entities, or to protect your legitimate rights and interests, and/or the rights and interest of our other Users, or Movein or our associated entities.

5. We may combine personal information collected from your usage of one Service with information collected from other Services to provide you with more personalized Services, such as allowing you to use, share or disclose to a wider social network.

6. Movein will not provide, sell, rent, share or trade your personal information to any unassociated third parties without your prior consent. Where Movein or its associated entities has shared information with a third party in order to provide Services to you (whether jointly or independently), once the Service has come to an end, the third party shall no longer have access to any such information.

You acknowledge and agree that Movein will, through advertising or other means, provide you with links to access third party services or websites. Your use of such third party services is subject to the third party’s terms of service and privacy rules. You should read those terms carefully. This Agreement only applies to the information collected by Movein Platform, and does not apply to the services provided to you by any third party or the privacy rules of the third party.Movein shall not be liable for any third party’s use of information collected from you in such manner.

Information sharing


In order to provide better Movein Platform Services, we share information backstage real estate agents and customers (vendors and purchasers) who use the Movein Website. This information sharing does not include other third parties, except in accordance with the third party sharing policy.

We keep your information confidential and will only share it with third parties under the following conditions:

1. If we have obtained prior consent or authorisation from you or your legal guardian;

2. In the event of an emergency, to prevent a threat to your life, body or property;

3. According to laws and regulations or upon request by administrative or judicial institutions;

4. Information sharing between Movein associated entitles;

5. Information sharing with Movein third party partners, provided that Movein has an

6. For the purpose of academic research or in the public interest, and which would do appropriate confidentiality agreement with the third party partner;

significant harm to your interests;

7. If you are a lawful complainant in relation to intellectual property rights and have complaint, Movein may disclose information to the defendant at the defendant’s request, to facilitate a settlement of the rights dispute;

8. Where Movein needs to share your information in order to provide Services you in order to settle your dispute with others. For example, in a transaction created by you on Movein Platform, if either party of the transaction fulfills or partially performs their transaction obligations and makes a request for information disclosure, Movein will disclose necessary information, such as the contact information of the other party, as required, so as to facilitate the completion of the transaction or settlement of the dispute.

9. In the event of unlawful conduct by you, or conduct in breach of any agreement with Movein or Movein Rules, and disclosure to a third party is required;  

10. To pursue the legitimate rights and interests of Movein and its associated entities or Users; 

11. To complete a merger, division, acquisition, or transfer of assets;

12. Where you have agreed to submit your personal information to a third party by clicking the applicable button in relation to a product (including but not limited to "apply for a loan", "help me apply", "help me submit", etc.).

13. Any other situations where information sharing is required to provide a better Service to you. Given the above, please carefully consider the content of information uploaded, published and communicated through our Services. In some cases, you can control the range of users who have access to your shared information through the privacy settings of some of our Services. If you need to be removed from our Services, please do so in the manner provided by Movein Terms and Conditions of Use.


Use of cookies and web beacon


In order to make your experience more user-friendly, we may identify you through small data documents when you visit Movein Platform and associated websites, or use Movein Platform Services. This is to save you from having to re-enter log on details repeatedly, or to determine the security of your account. These data files may be Cookie, Flash Cookie, or other local storage provided by your browser or software application (hereinafter referred to as “Cookies”).

Please understand that some of our Services are only available through the use of Cookies. If your browser or browser-attached service allows it, you can modify the security level of Cookies  in settings, or reject Movein Cookies. However, this may affect your ability to access Movein associated websites securely and your ability to use Movein Platform Services.

Web pages often contain digital images (referred to as “single-pix” GIF file or “web beacon”). Web beacons helps websites to calculate the number of users browsing the web page or accessing certain cookies. We will collect information about web activities through web beacon. For example, the web page address you visited, the address of the reference page you visited earlier, the amount of time you spent on the web page, your browsing environment, and the display settings.

Movein may use data gathered from your browsing behavior on Movein Website to display advertising content that may be of interest to you while you are browsing other websites. This is the ad-targeting function used by Movein, and the process includes the following aspects:

1. Collection of behavior data indicating user interests: we use Cookies to collect behavior data from content you have browsed at Movein;

2. Analysis of your interests based on behavior data collected from you: for example, if you have been searching information on moving companies in New Zealand over the last 2 days, we will conclude that you are interest in moving companies in New Zealand.

3. Function of ad-targeting: after we have identified your interest in moving companies, Movein may show you advertisements for moving companies through the RTB advertising system or Movein's own alliance when you browse other websites. If you do not wish to see such user-interest based Movein promotional content, please click disable/close.


Information storage


The information and data collected by Movein from you is kept on the servers of Movein and/or its associated entities. This information and data may be transmitted to, accessed at, stored at and displayed in your country and region, or the location where Movein collected the information and data.


Inquiry and update of your personal information


Whenever you use our Services, we will strive to provide you with clear access to your personal information. If the information is incorrect, we will try to provide various ways for you to quickly update or delete the information (unless we must retain this information for legitimate business or legal reasons). You can log into your account to inquire and update your personal information. If you believe that Movein has engaged in unlawful conduct, or committed a breach of this Agreement, in its collection and use of your personal information, you can contact Movein through the privacy violation reporting helpline at the bottom of the homepage of Movein Website or through the help center web page of Movein Website. When updating your personal information, we may ask you to verify your identity before processing your request. We may refuse requests that are gratuitously repetitive, that require too much technology (such as developing new systems or radically changing existing practices), that pose a risk to the privacy of others, or that are very impractical (such as involving information stored on backup tapes).

We will provide you with access to and the ability to modify your information free of charge, so long as it does not require too much investment. We strive to maintain the integrity of our Services to protect information from accidental or malicious damage. Therefore, when you remove information from our Service, we may not immediately remove the residual copy of this information from the operating server, or the corresponding information from the backup system.


Protection of your personal information


We retain your personal information only for such period of time as is necessary for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, and for such period as may be required by law. To protect your information, we strive to take all reasonable physical, digital and administrative security  measures to protect your information, and make sure that your information will not be leaked, damaged or lost, including but not limited to SSL, information encryption storage, data center access control. We also have strict controls on employees or outsourcers who may have access to your information, including but not limited to granting different authorisation levels according to different positions, putting in place confidentiality agreements, operation monitoring and other measures. Movein will provide corresponding security measures according to the existing technology to protect your information and provide reasonable guarantee of information security. Movein will do its best to ensure that your information is not leaked, damaged or lost. 

Your account has security protection, please take care when storing your account and password information. Movein will ensure that your information is not lost, abused or altered through security measures such as using backup servers and encryption of user passwords. Although Movein makes every effort to strengthen security measures, you accept that there can be no "perfect security measures" in the information network due to technical limitations and the possibility of various malicious means. You shall be responsible for any legal consequences caused by your disclosure of your account and password information for whatever reason.

In the course of conducting online transactions through Movein Platform Services, If you need to disclose your personal information (such as contact person and contact information, etc.) to the counterparty or potential counterparty, please properly protect your personal information and only provide it to others when necessary. If you find that your personal information has been leaked or is subject to the possibility of being leaked, and it may endanger the security of your Movein account, or cause you to suffer other losses, please notify Movein customer service at  the first opportunity, so that Movein can take corresponding measures to maintain the security of your Movein account and prevent further losses. For the avoidance of doubt, if you fail to notify Movein customer service at the first opportunity, you shall be liable for any losses (including further losses) suffered by you.


Protection of minors


Minors under the age of 18 should use our Services under the guidance of their parents or legal guardians. We recommend that minors encourage their parents or guardians to read this Privacy Policy, and recommend that minors seek the consent and guidance of their parents or guardians before submitting their personal information. Once the minor uses Movein Website, consent from his/her parent or guardian is deemed to have been given.




If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or your privacy has been violated, you can contact us through the privacy violation reporting helpline at the bottom of the homepage of Movein Website. We will reply to you as soon as possible after receiving the complaint.

Movein has the right to update this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in our information operations. If we make any material changes, we will notify you by an internal letter, email, or by posting a public notice on Movein Website before such changes take effect. If you continue to use the Services provided by Movein, then you agree to be bound by the amended Privacy Policy. We encourage you to check this web page regularly for the latest information on our privacy practices.

Movein is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information and supporting your control of such information. This Privacy Policy forms a valid and effective part of the Movein Terms and Conditions of Use.